Marriage Preparation

Marriage Preparation

In the Sacrament of Marriage, a baptized man and/or a baptized woman vow to love, honor, and respect one another. They promise to be faithful to one another, to honor their vows until the death of their spouse and to accept children lovingly from God.

They make this pledge before the priest, their loved ones and a witness. The Church considers this bond to be sacred, unbreakable, and binding.

Marriage, like priesthood, religious, or single life, is a vocation--a calling from God. The Sacrament of Marriage gives the husband and wife the grace to live a life focused on serving God through their love and for one another and to raise their children in the Catholic faith.

Couples planning to be married at Presentation Church can begin the process of preparing for marriage by calling the Ministry Center. A comprehensive preparation program will assist the couple in approaching this Sacrament through prayer, discussion, evaluation and learning. The Director of Adult Formation, the Sponsor Couple, the Music Director and the Wedding Hostess will guide each couple in their marriage preparation. A Priest or Deacon will participate in this process at appropriate times.

We're just as excited as you are! Let's begin the planning!

For more information, please contact,
Sr. Kathy Littrell, SHF
Director of Adult Faith Formation

Phone: (209) 320-5713

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